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Vintage Bissell Carpet Sweeper

This Vintage Bissell Carpet Sweeper is a fantastic tool for cleaning up your floor, it's well-made and works well, making it a good addition to a store.

Bissell Grand Rapids Carpet Sweeper

This Bissell grand rapids Carpet Sweeper is a top-grade substitute to clean your carpet, the Sweeper is equipped with three suction cups to stick into thick Carpet and make it effortless to clean. The swivel arm and powered arm make it effortless to move the carpet, the Sweeper is further equipped with a pet hair and dustbin indicator. This Bissell grand rapids Sweeper is a top tool to clean tight spaces and it is able to counteract dirt and dust with its large channel section, the Sweeper also renders a handy retractable belt and a large front panel for busing product. The Sweeper is able to keep your house clean and clutter-free for years, this antique Carpet Sweeper is a top-rated tool for cleaning up your carpets. The Sweeper extends a brush mount that makes it facile to clean, and it can sweep from left to right or right to left, the brush mount makes it straightforward to apply pressure to your floor, and the results and clean. This Vintage bearings Carpet Sweeper is a sensational tool to clean your carpet, the wooden grand rapids michigan model is filled with Bissell bearings Carpet Sweeper bristles. The toothbrush like bristles county line bristles cleanly vacuum up any dirt, dust and bacteria, the material left on the Carpet is easily cleanable with a vacuum cleaner and a hand vacuum.