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Hoky Carpet Sweeper

The new Hoky Carpet Sweeper is a must-have for any house! This powerful tool can clean your carpets quickly and easily, with its boar bristle brush, this Sweeper provides an unstoppable suction that makes cleaning difficult at best. Finally, the 23 t yellow color is unique and pretty, making it a popular alternative for posts.

Hokey Sweeper

The original Hoky Sweeper was created by hoker, it is a push vacuum cleaner that is designed to keep your home clean for years to come. This new model imparts a new design that makes it easier and faster to clean, the new Sweeper is additionally heavier so it can harder to move around. It also extends a new design that makes it easier to battle against dirt and debris, the new Sweeper is sure to keep your home clean for years to come. This Hoky omni floor and Carpet Sweeper is a classic piece of furniture swept in a clever and efficient way, the bristles are big and deep, leaving a shiny finish on any floor with every exposure to sunlight. This adorable push vacuum is Hoky 23 t's sure surrogate to clean your floor without having to search for a vacuum cleaner, the sleek design is terrific for when you want to move quickly from one end of the floor to the other. This push vacuum is splendid for any flooring, whether it is a hardwood floors or a carpet, with its sleek design, you can easily find the vacuum cleaner to clean your floor. The Hoky floor Sweeper is a rare new vtg nos original Hoky by oreck floor tidy up ii, this Carpet Sweeper is first-rate for any clean up! The swept up view is really the key to this sweeper's success. With a soft-close handle and a durable design, this Sweeper will make your home office or home is clean and organized.