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Casabella Carpet Sweeper

Carpet Sweeper is a top-grade tool for cleaning your Carpet floors, this light weight and floor cleaner is first-rate for shoppers who have a long and white substitute to clean their Carpet floors. With its 11 inch light weight it can move quickly and easily through its range of environmental friendly areas making it a sterling tool for enthusiasts who have a quick and uncomplicated solution to clean their Carpet floors.

Casabella Carpet Sweeper - 11 Inch Lightweight Electrostatic Floor Cleaner
Casabella Carpet Broom - The Quick Pickup for Carpet and Rugs

Casabella Carpet Broom - The

By Casabella


VTG RETRO MCM  Casabella Compact Style Carpet Sweeper Cleaning Vacuum
Casabella Carpet Sweeper - 11 Inch Lightweight Electrostatic Floor Cleaner - Red

Casabella Sweeper

The Carpet Sweeper is a lightweight electric floor cleaner that is top for cleanups on the or gazebo floor, the Sweeper gives an 11 inch light weight electrostatic floor cleaner that is top-grade for any large floor space. The Sweeper is further first-rate for cleaning up dirt, dust, and other particles that can cause pollution, the Carpet Sweeper is conjointly sonar sensitive for detecting any movement on the floor, which can be helpful in finding any areas that need attention. The Carpet Sweeper is conjointly equipped with a sound effect to help make sure it is effective, the Sweeper is able to be connected to your wireless home wireless network which makes it uncomplicated to handle and commit cleaning to a planner's list. This Carpet Sweeper is new in the market and will be a top-of-the-line addition to your cleaning arsenal, with a small form factor and lightweight design, the Carpet Sweeper is top-quality for busy families or small apartments. The Carpet Sweeper is again versatile for other cleaning tasks such as mop use, vacuum or cleaning.