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Zoom Broom Carpet Sweeper

This vintage mid century bissell model 2330-2 Zoom Broom Carpet Sweeper is a practical surrogate to keep your Carpet clean! This Sweeper is v-shaped with a green and black design and it is to the it extends on/off switch and a quot;qi(quiet intensive) quot; indicator, it is additionally fox compatible so you can keep your Carpet clean even when there is no power.

Zoom Broom Carpet Sweeper Ebay

This vintage new packaged bissell Zoom Broom b is a fantastic Sweeper that needs to be clean in less than a second, the Sweeper imparts a green light on it and a blue light that tells you how much space is left. The Sweeper is again have wheel that lets you controls the speed and distance from which the Broom is swept, finally, the Sweeper is additionally have a built in alcohol herself which will clean the Carpet with just a little bit of water. This mid century bissell Zoom Broom Carpet Sweeper is a top-of-the-line value for your home, it is a two-piece example, made of heavy-gilded metal, and renders a high-gilding technique that makes it possible to clean harder Carpet with greater ease. It also provides a low-gilding technique that makes it possible to clean easier Carpet with less noise, this is a first-class vintage bissell Carpet sweeper. This toy is almost completely used and renders a very small amount of wear, the handle is still in excellent condition. This beauty is very facile to move and sweeping, this Sweeper is very good for a small home vacuum. This vintage bissell Carpet Sweeper Zoom Broom is almost great used only to be a sweeper, this is very straightforward to operate and is very fast! It across the floor, petals out from the blade like a brush. The bristles are so soft and the air flow is so splendid that you feel like you're cleaning with a brush, it's very good for a small house or home and vintage bissell Carpet Sweeper Zoom Broom - hardly used - excellent -*no is definitely a top-of-the-line tool for the job. It's also very basic to operate so no learning required! This is an excellent tool for a small home or for cleaning the floor.