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Yard Commander Lawn Sweeper

The Yard Commander Lawn Sweeper is an unequaled alternative for suitors who covet a large distance to clear a lawn, the Sweeper also features an 4-footclearing width and is lightweight so basic to operate. It comes with a carrying case and grants a price of $699.

Yard Commander 54 Lawn Sweeper

The Yard Commander is a powerful Lawn Sweeper that can clear areas up to 4 feet deep, it provides an 4-foot clearing width and is backed by an 2-foot of wood speed capacity. Additionally, it presents an alarm system and comes with a built-inution for making walks reporting cards, this Yard Commander is sensational for cleaning up your backyard. It provides a comfortable tow behind design that makes it facile to move around, the four-foot clearing width means that you can easily get to your trash and debris. Additionally, the easy-to-use 4-foot clearing width ensures that you will be able to clean up your Yard in a short amount of time, this Lawn Sweeper is top-grade for sweeping up all the droppings and other messy tissue from your lawn. The Yard Commander 48 tow behind Lawn Sweeper effortless to operate and is provide with a built-in grinder that makes it straightforward to quickly and efficiently clean your lawn, additionally, there is a built-in canopies system that helps keep the grass from taking up space in your garden and provides a gentle alternative to clear up your Lawn when the weather is tough. It extends an 4-footclearing width and is able to move through thick vegetation with ease, with its powerful noise and ability to remove pests and allergens from your lawn, this Lawn Sweeper is superb for keeping your home clean and your home life style improve.