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Vestil Hdms-48 Heavy-duty Hanging Magnetic Sweeper

This Vestil Hanging Sweeper is enticing for sweeping up when you're in the warehouse, it's heavy-duty and can handle large Sweeper balls and footprints, making it enticing for days of Heavy traffic. It renders a suction power and can move forward or back through the parking lot, leaving only the desired area to sweep.

Vestil Hdms-48 Heavy-duty Hanging Magnetic Sweeper Amazon

This Vestil Hanging Sweeper is exquisite for sweeping up dirt and debris from parking lots and warehouses, the heavy-duty cordura material ensures that it will keep your Sweeper moving for many hours of work. The included handle will facile reach your car or desk, the heavy-duty construction means that you can tackle large projects quickly and easily. The detachable handle makes it basic to carry around, and the Magnetic system ensures that you don't have to keep adjusting the sweeper, the Sweeper is manufactured of durable metal for extra-large Sweeper power and peerless Magnetic fields make sure it keeps on going. This Sweeper is furthermore uncomplicated to clean with a removable, replaceable belt and uncomplicated to use, Magnetic architecture. The Sweeper can handle large parking lots and come with a built-in wheel for uncomplicated maneuvering, it gives a loud but effective sound that will get the job done.