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Toro Turf Sweeper

The Toro verra-vacuum is a new vacuum cleaner that makes an exceptional sweep for admirers who are always on the lookout for a new layer of cleanliness, this vacuum cleaner is sure to clean your floors and carpets quickly and easily. Plus, the horizontally adjustable voltage and filter make it an outstanding surrogate for different applications.

Turf Sweeper

The Toro Turf Sweeper is a terrific substitute for suitors searching for a powerful lawn Sweeper that is uncomplicated to use, the Sweeper can move quickly across a surface and leaves a smooth surface to grass. It is conjointly effortless to clean and features an on/off switch for the Toro pro sweep 5200 Turf collector debris cleanup Sweeper 07065 52 rotary brush is splendid for sweeping away debris from turf, it rotating brush with up to 12 or and can clean up dust, debris and bacteria up to 98% of the time. The Toro 4800 hl is a sensational lawn care tool for lovers with an 20-amp carburetor, the tool gives 16-horsepower and can keep the lawn clean and free of debris for up to 20 hours. The Toro 4800 hl Turf Sweeper extends an 20 hp engine and is able to suction.