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Swiffer Sweeper Xl Wet Refills

This Swiffer Sweeper dry and Wet Xl sweeping kit includes 10 sweeping cards, 8 refills, and is sterling for keeping your property clean and tidy.

Open Window Fresh

Looking for a surrogate to keep your house clean without having to mash snow off of everything, this Sweeper imparts a fresh scent to it that will clean your floors and surfaces in just minutes. This 12 count Swiffer Sweeper Wet is a top-grade surrogate to keep your room clean and free of dirt and dust, it is produced from high-quality, durable materials and Refills 12 of the most common Swiffer models. It is puissant for use on a regular basis to help keep your room hunting clean and free of dirt and dust, this is an 12-pack of open-window mopping cloths that Swiffer has. They are made of 100% recycled materials and are exceptional for cleaning open windows and surfaces, these mopping cloths are even fresh of the market and have an 12-count kit. The kit includes 8 dry pads and 1 duster, all of which are made of recycled materials, are you moping up between movies or houses daily? These Swiffer Sweeper Wet mopping cloths will help you get that final job of mops out of the room. They're open-top to allow for every surface you need, and the are simply love! The 12-count Refills make it all come together in a nice, bright pack of red.