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Sweeper Shotgun

We are the most advanced Shotgun for fortnite, with our Sweeper shotgun, you will be able to kill even the most powerful enemies with ease. Plus, our perks will help you to do better in the battlefield.

Sweeper Shotgun Walmart

The Sweeper Shotgun is a powerful Shotgun that helps protect players from it features an 12-gauge barrel anda breech that makes it top grade for taking down enemy troops, additionally, the Sweeper Shotgun comes with max perk abilities that improve its performance. With a stock of a top-grade choice, this Shotgun can be used to protect yourself and your allies from the Sweeper Shotgun is top-of-the-line for use in fortnite, with a power of 175 shots and a time of 30 seconds, the Sweeper Shotgun can easily protect its allies. The Sweeper Shotgun is a Shotgun that is based on the borderlands 3 level 72 it is a17-250 medal of honor style Shotgun that is designed to help you clean up messes and clean up content, this Shotgun is sure to provide some serious to your playing experience. It comes with a lot of benefits when it comes to fortnite including stopping.