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Sweeper Nozzle

This dramm 22311 heavy-duty brass Sweeper Nozzle is exceptional for cleaning with, it is produced of heavy-duty brass and grants a red light system to show you are working. This Nozzle is in like manner adjustable to tailor a variety of breathed air.

Brass Sweeper Nozzle

This brass Sweeper Nozzle is designed to clean brass parts and fittings with the same pressure as an average the Nozzle offers a that allows you to twist the pressure on or off to create a specific area for cleaning, the stream of water is then able to clean the part cleanly and quickly. This one pack of two garden poly Sweeper jets is a splendid substitute to keep your garden clean without all the mess, the jets are lightweight and uncomplicated to use, making it facile to get to all the debris in the garden. The nozzles are also facile to charge and keep clean, the is Nozzle that is designed to help you get rid of leaves and debris from your garden. This Nozzle comes with an ultralight Sweeper Nozzle that can operated with a shut off, the Sweeper Nozzle is additionally reversible so you can clean both ends at the same time. The orbit 58040 n is a powerful Sweeper hose Nozzle that is fantastic for use in an underground environment, the Nozzle is produced of brass and is capable of functioning with any Sweeper hose model. This Sweeper hose is able to suck up dirt and debris with ease, making it exceptional for cleaning tight spaces.