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Sweeper Broom Wafers

Looking for a sleek, new broom? Look no further than the keystone plastics' Wafers 21 these versatile Wafers are sensational for cleaning up your space, and they're also affordable, so why wait? Get your keystone Broom today.

Cheap Sweeper Broom Wafers

The wafer Broom brushes are case of 24 total source 10 x 32 wafer Broom brushes sy21-6042, these brushes are made of quality wafer waffles and are designed to keep your house clean and free of cleaning tasks. The 12-foot long Wafers with a white border and are about inch in diameter, the small Wafers are green with a white border and are about inch in diameter. Each wafer is closed with a black handle, the Wafers are designed to be placed on a wafer Broom brushessy21-6042 and will automatically cut corners on cleaning bypassing the waste water while cleaning. The keystone Wafers Sweeper Broom renders a black Broom design with a green and white checkerboard design, it is containing 16 Wafers each for black, white, and green wafers) and it gives a black handle. The Broom is about 16" l x 18" w x 2" this is a list of replaceable wire Wafers for the street Broom the wire Wafers are 36 x12 inches and will help keep the swept area clean, this is a sweeping Broom with an 24 inch diameter by 6-38 center bore. It offers an 33326 center bore, it is fabricated wire wafer rotating brush broom.