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Super Sweeper Broom

This stylish Broom comes with an 40704848 in gray flagged brush, it is a sterling addition to all room, and can be used for swept up pet hair, pet dander, and any type of dust or pollen. Keep your home clean and absence of dust is revealing.

Super Sweeper Broom Ebay

The 48 in, maroon poly Super Sweeper brush is practical for sweeping up dirt, dust, and sister'srette dust coat. The soft, colorful brush is manufactured materials that will never lose its way, the brush is argument from the blue for this Sweeper brush! This 1940 s-erasweeper brush is fabricated of heavy duty materials and is best-in-the-class for sweeping up dirt, dust, and particles from of the floor. The flagged area makes it uncomplicated to clean, and the soft, absorbent surface makes it a top-of-the-heap alternative for pet hair and debris, this dual head rubber Broom squeegee cat dog hair Sweeper carpet rake window cleaner is first-rate for sweeping up dirt, dust and dusts. The Broom extends two heads so it can easily sweep across your surface, the pet hair is to get caught on the blades and will have to be cleared off with a vacuum. This 18 Super Sweeper Broom heavy duty garage brush head replacement is top-notch for sweeping up messes on the garage floor and other dirty areas of the house, the heavy-duty bristles are designed to keep your brush working properly and keep you from getting a jungle cat like cuticle problem.