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Street Sweeper Social Club Promenade

At Street Sweeper Social club, we believe in creating a Social atmosphere that is first-class for meeting new people and connecting with old ones, our Promenade is a terrific place to enjoy a day out with friends or family. Plus, our amazing dj offers a wide range of contemporary and classic pop songs that will keep you enjoyable all day, so why not join us and experience the good life.

Street Sweeper Social Club - Promenade

The Street Sweeper Social Club is a top-of-the-heap place to relax and peaceful when feeling after today's activities, at Street Sweeper Social Club you'll get you razes done in a safe and secure manner. The Promenade is an enticing place to relax in after today's activities, discover the latest edit of the dj's llama found on the tom morello keep your activities safe and secure with his new Street Sweeper Social club. Biz lifestyle, the Street Sweeper Social Club is a Social Club that is dedicated to the practice of Street cleaning. The Club is located on the Promenade in the heart of the city, when you come here, you'll be able to admire the beautiful architecture of old stone and metal. The Promenade is a beautiful stretch of beach with its tall palm trees and white sand, when it comes to clean, the Street Sweeper Social Club is your one and only. This top-of-the-line location in the center of the city with access to all of the streets make it effortless to go about your day, you can sit and enjoy a cold drink or cup of coffee, or you can go about your business while listening to the sounds of the world.