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Street Sweeper Construction

This Street Sweeper is a practical addition to lego city build! It helps clean up a Street quickly and easily, the Street Sweeper also features a built in speaker and sound system to make it a terrific fun toy to play with your children.

Best Street Sweeper Construction

The Street Sweeper Construction is top quality and splendid for your Construction project, the Sweeper crane can be used to clean up your Street quickly and easily. It is a first-rate addition to each Construction project, the Street Sweeper is an important part of the lego city build. It helps you clean the streets, the toy is different in that it is blue and green. The toy helps you see also: lego city Street Sweeper Construction building toy for kids 89 pieces, Street Sweeper Construction - Street Sweeper & cementing toy truck friction powered colorful is a hyper Construction Street Sweeper that can be used to protect busy streets from snow and debris. The Construction makes it a basic tool to use, and the design makes it look stylish too, this new lego city Street Sweeper is a top-grade addition to your build! It is a valuable tool for sweeping up streets and debris after heaving cities. The Sweeper can be easily added to your build with just a few simple tools and some basic sanding.