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Stihl Kombi Sweeper

This handle is for the sthil Kombi Sweeper bike, it renders a mix of polished brass and black plastic. It's overall design stainless steel grey, the handle is bargain price tonight.

Best Stihl Kombi Sweeper

This is an 7-pack of genuine Stihl Kombi Sweeper pins, they're different in design and color, so you can change how you need to keep your Sweeper running. The 7 pins are keyed off the code "622 b" on the back of each pin, this Stihl sleeve is a top-rated addition to your Kombi sweeper. It extends a comfortable fit and provides plenty of protection from dirt, sand, and debris, this is a valuable new oem Stihl Kombi Sweeper gear box head case for your vehicle. It is produced of plastic shaft shield and offers a gear box head case, this case helps protect your gear box from damage and helps keep the area clear of debris. It is likewise uncomplicated to operate with its simple controls, this part is a Stihl Kombi handle and throttle assembly. It contains the handle, the throttle control, and the air cleaner.