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Shop Sweeper Vac

The shop-vac industrial push Sweeper 3050010 is a high-quality push Sweeper that will help clean your entire Shop quickly and easily, this Sweeper is produced with high-quality materials that will keep your Shop clean and tidy all day long.

Shop Sweeper Vac Ebay

The shop-vac 4050010 is a large debris Sweeper that can clean large areas quickly and easily, with a local pick up feature, this Sweeper can move quickly through large areas, including: gardens, yards, sites, setbacks, and more. The shop-vac is a powerful Sweeper that can clean quickly and effectively, it provides a large Sweeper blade that is prime for sweeping in and out of businesses, stores, and other areas. The Sweeper is conjointly air-purifying and gives a dustbin that grants a capacity for holding up to 000 pieces of dust, the shop-vac is additionally electric, so it is basic to adopt and effortless to operate. The shop-vac industrial push Sweeper is a powerful tool that can clean quickly and efficiently, this Shop vacuum cleaner gives an 3050010 rating and is fabricated of high-quality materials. It is practical for busy shopping stores or any other small areas, the Shop Sweeper Vac is a powerful Sweeper that can clean your floor even on the occasion that using a vacuum cleaner. It's 14 gallon size means it can clean multiple floors at a time and it's wet/dry function ensures that your floor always clean, the Shop Sweeper Vac also extends a manuel to control its settings and the included filters make it effortless to add, clean or remove filters from your floor space.