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S5 Sweeper

This S5 max robotic Sweeper provides an adjustable fan speed and built-in filter to keep your house clean; making it an unrivaled tool for cleaning up any room.

Tennant S5 Sweeper

The S5 Sweeper is an unequaled tool for cleaning the oil and gas pockets in the metal and plastic parts of your S5 max, the Sweeper works by sucking up dirt and dust that is created when the S5 max is running. This is a transparent water tank for your robot sweeper, it works with the t7 and t7 pro models as well as the S5 model. It is max compatible with the s55 max and the s55 this is a top addition to your Sweeper set-up! The dustbin replacement for the vacuum cleaner gen 2 is first-rate for suitors who desiderate to get your cleaning game on, this Sweeper is manufactured from durable materials and can keep your room clean and free of dust. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been cleaning your room every day, this Sweeper will help you get back to your work, this is a replacement motor for the S5 max Sweeper vacuum cleaner robot. It is fabricated from durable plastic and grants a bright green color, it times new roman type display and provides a brush head on one end and a vacuum cleaner brush on the other. The motor is straightforward to adopt and is able to provide high performance.