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Pond Sweeper

Looking for a pool automatic cleaner above ground? Don't look anywhere than the Pond sweeper, this Sweeper extends a soft-bore design for straightforward removal of algae and debris. The braid hoses provide extra-safe storage for your pool cleaning supplies, and the set of tools and attachments is facile to use.

Upgraded Suction Pool Cleaner Automatic In-Ground Swimming Pool Sweeper
pool blaster ivac c2(pool Sweeper)
Pool Vacuum Leaf Catcher Fine Mesh Bag Replacement Sweeper Skimmer Gulper Eater

Pond Sweeper Ebay

The Pond Sweeper is an automatic pool vacuum cleaner that helps clean your pool swimming in and around the pool's watery depths, this pool Sweeper comes with a suction cup to arise from the pool and go below the pool's surface. The Sweeper can also be attached to your pool's side rail to serve as a level Sweeper or a for deep-sea fishing, the Pond Sweeper is a powerful catcher Sweeper that can clean both swimming pool and swimming pool areas. The Sweeper is likewise able to clean the processor and skimmer areas, this pool cleaner is top-quality for shoppers who crave to keep your pool clean and digging great. The 2160 pressure side Sweeper is a top pool cleaner for admirers who have a high water signature, it is lightweight and facile to use, so you can get the job done quickly. It grants a red or green light display, so you can see what is outside the sweeper's reach, the Sweeper feature helps you keep track of how much time you have left on the clock, and will keep the Sweeper moving when you plate your pool. The Pond Sweeper is an automatic powerful climber that can clean your swimming pool vampires and other slimy spots, the Sweeper is furthermore equipped with a crawler sweep feature that makes it straightforward to clean even with a large crowd of pool guests. The Pond Sweeper is excellent for people who desire to keep their swimming pool clean and clutter-free.