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Makita Sweeper

The Makita mp string trimer couple shaft attachment is puissant for use with other Makita string trimmers, this attachment allows you to establish a close- ratio of string growth between the string twin and the string base of the machine.

Makita Sweeper Amazon

This Makita Sweeper imparts an 12 v max cxt and is compatible with li-ion floor blowers, it imparts a tired look to it and is fabricated of durable materials. It is a fantastic tool for cleaning up a room quickly and easily, the Makita Sweeper is a powerful and lightweight dust Sweeper that can be easily bought off of it is likewise able to clean small places like under lamps, desks, and other furniture. The Sweeper is likewise able to pick up dust and debris for you to clean up, the Makita 190 b03-8 blower gutter cleaning attachment kit is a new attachment for the b03-8 blower gutter cleaning attachment. This attachment is needed to clean gutter systems and is fully adjustable to tailor any mess, the kit includes everything you need to get the job done right. The noisy Sweeper also includes a built-in filter to keep your floors free of unpleasant smells.