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Magnetic Sweeper Bar

This Magnetic Sweeper Bar is exquisite for picking up water droplets and other debris on the water, the Bar is conjointly powered by a battery so you can keep your home clean without having to your device out in the sun.

Magnetic Sweeper Bar Ebay

This large biz Bar is unrivalled for sweeping while fishing or playing games, the Bar is manufactured of metal and grants a waterway biz, so you can pick up the game with ease. The Bar is likewise reusable, so you can keep it in your toolkit, this Magnetic Sweeper Bar is first-class for carry on time. It imparts an 24 inch wheel size and 6 in, wheels to help you get through areas with quick and straightforward access. The Bar also presents a built-in scrubber that will clean your floors and surfaces without using up any of your time or energy, this Bar is sure to get the job done and is ideal for small spaces or areas where others might not be able to reach. The Magnetic Sweeper Bar attachment is a top-notch alternative to keep your home clean and orderly, this attachment can be placed in the center of your room and can get the job done. The swiveling brush arm can reach every corner of your room making this is a practical way for suitors with as well as without allergies, the Magnetic Sweeper Bar is an exceptional tool for cleaning up your room. This Bar grants an 640 lbs lifting capacity and can be raised to an 72-inch height, it offers a soft-grip rubber base that makes it straightforward to hold and is basic to move. The Bar is a sterling surrogate to keep your room clean and your money off.