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Lego Sweeper

The Lego cities street Sweeper building set is an excellent alternative to keep your city clean! There are 89 pieces in the set, and it is new in the box, in addition to sweeper, there are tools for maintenance and cleaning in the set. There is a mop and broom included, and a dustbin and shower include, the set is additionally valuable for keeping your city clean.

Street Sweeper Lego

This stylish street Sweeper is best-in-the-class for removing snow from the streets and sidewalks, it's built from sturdy engineering months of hard work, and it's sure to keep everything scouring clean and fresh. The Sweeper presents a sturdy design, ability to sweep and protected by the city's security, the Lego city street Sweeper is a construction tool that helps clean up city streets. It is available for free from the Lego city the Sweeper is ideal for cleaning up small streets and areas, and is again unrivaled for clearing up obstacles and obstacles in the alternative of public transportation, this Lego city Sweeper is a splendid addition to project. The Sweeper can and it offers an 100% be efficiency, it is in like manner ip68 water and dust resistant. It can leaves, grass, and other debris from the streets and sidewalks, this city Sweeper is top-grade for extracting debris from the streets! The excavator can be used to sweep away waste from the sidewalk and foundation, and the street tool can be used to remove debris from the.