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Lego City Sweeper And Excavator

This amazing Lego City Sweeper And Excavator is valuable for cleaning up your street, with its durable construction And adjustable blade, this tool can easily And quickly clean up an area. The is facile to operate And is excellent for all levels cleaned.

Lego Sweeper And Excavator

This is a brand new And sealed 6" tall Lego Sweeper And excavator, it needs an opener to work but is packed with features And is sensational for cleaning down to the level or soil. This Lego City construction 60152 Sweeper And Excavator presents a new design, where the front wheel is fabricated of styrene, And the back wheel is fabricated of Lego brick, the styrene front wheel makes it easier to move the Sweeper around, while the styrene back wheel makes it easier to dig through the earth. The Sweeper provides a saw blade And a chisel, And it can also be used as an Excavator to excavate deep into the earth, this is a top-of-the-line vehicles Sweeper And Excavator for Lego City 60152. It extends a green color And a black shroud, it is fabricated of heavy metal And plastic. It provides a loud noise And a powerful kick, this amazing Lego City Sweeper And Excavator is first-class for cleaning up your city. It is uncomplicated to operate And makes fighting City pollution a breeze.