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Lawn Sweeper Tow Behind

This ohio steel Lawn Sweeper is a first-rate tool for sweeping under control lawns, this Sweeper extends a126" tall height at 16" width and is packed with features for lawns. It features a Tow Behind feature that makes it effortless to pull Behind pesky plants, the leaf collectors is new and will get the job done quickly. Finally, this Lawn Sweeper presents a strong design with a heavy weight that will make a big impact in your lawn.

Lawn Sweeper 42 Inch

John deere Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper 42 in, 24 cu. Is a powerful Lawn Sweeper that can get into each and every crevice to clean your lawn, this Sweeper renders an 42-in. Length and an 24-in, it extends a honda diesel engine and it is able to move at 20 ft. Per minute, this Lawn Sweeper is able to clear away all the dirt, dust, and debris from your Lawn in record time. This Sweeper is a fantastic addition to your Lawn care kit and can be used for a variety of other tasks such as cleaning up the yard when one is not available, this 42" Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper is fantastic for removing debris from Behind your lawn. The Sweeper can move quickly and easily through tall grass and snow drifts, leaving your Lawn scouring clean and free of debris, the ohio steel 42 Lawn Sweeper is a splendid Lawn care tool that can leaves and engine start crystal heard from your car. This Lawn Sweeper is furthermore excellent for sweeping up before you rinse flowers in a soap the 42 cu, of space means that you can keep your Lawn clean and tidy in no time. This heavy-duty Lawn Sweeper is excellent for cleaning up your garden or lawn, the Sweeper presents an easy-to-use handle and a long arm so you can move it quickly and easily to the middle of the dirt or gravel surface. The swivel head helps keep your tractor in front of the work area, while the air bag ensures protection against damage, this Sweeper also includes an anti-resonant filter for superior noise pollution.