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Greenworks Sweeper

Greenworks is a high-quality leaf blower that uses 24 v cordless leaf blower technology to chop through crowds and competitor's leaves, it also features a bank of 10 useful ounces (10 24) battery that gives you plenty of power to keep cleaning until the end of your leave. Lastly, the carrying case that includes an 2-section battery bank and sharpest blades.

Best Greenworks Sweeper

The Greenworks Sweeper is a fantastic surrogate to keep your lawn clean and healthy, this bag can caught grass, leaves, and other debris for you. The soft, stylish bag will make your lawn look great, the Greenworks Sweeper is an 530 cfm 130 mph 9 amp corded electric axial leaf blower debris sweeper. This powerful tool can clean up tx and other debris in your patio with ease, the patio debris Sweeper is manufactured of lightweight, durable materials that makes it practical for folks who need to clean up from around the house. The Greenworks 40 v 150 mph cordless leaf blower is a splendid tool for leafy-volume battles, this tool can handle xx acres with ease with a power output of 150 mph. The included battery and charger give you the ability to stay in touch with your leaves even when there is no power to work with, the Greenworks leaf blower as well straightforward to clean with a simple maintenance-free period. The Greenworks Sweeper is a powerful leaf jet blower that keeps your gardens clean and free of trash, it is available in 9 amps and makes a top-rated garden sweeper.