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Fuller Brush Roto Sweeper

The Fuller Brush co's rotating hard floor Sweeper is fantastic for cleaning up your space, this switcher grants a fast speed of 1 mph and is able to move a large amount of dirt or dust. The full-sized Brush effortless to hold and is powerful enough to clean small areas, the Brush is able to be controlled with a single hand and can be used in a right or left side position.

Rotating Hard Floor Sweeper

This is a peerless hard floor Sweeper that includes a rotating handle for sweeping each floor in a specific order, the is equipped with two battery operated rugs that stay in place while in use so you can go through them like you're sweeping a floor. The hard floor Sweeper is further susceptible to only needing a small bit of power to sweep a surface, leaving you with enough power to get all the alternative around, this rotating hard floor Sweeper is practical for hard floor areas that are frequently used or where there is dust or sweeps that need to be done quickly. The Fuller rotating hard floor Sweeper is a practical surrogate to clean your floor with ease, it comes with a long power cord, so it can be attached to a power outlet. The impeller is regretless, so it can move quickly and easily through the floor space, the swivel head and build of the Sweeper make it effortless to move and clean. Additionally, it offers a timer and battery life that makes it uncomplicated to use, the rotating hard floor Sweeper is a must-have for any home cleaning needs. This Sweeper can be used to clean up any messes that are made while cleaning, such as clothes, furniture, and carpets, the swiveling head can also be used to move from one corner of the room to the next, sweeping away any dirt, dust, and dust mites. The Roto Sweeper is a powerful and effortless to handle Sweeper that can be used for a hard floor or rotating Sweeper job, this Sweeper grants a facile to adopt movement that is exquisite for a rotating Sweeper job. It also presents a Fuller Brush design that is going to help get all the dirt and dust out of your floor.