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Crystal Sweeper

This 8961 set is a must-have for Sweeper collection! This power miners set allows you to harvest Crystal clear water droplets from the ground, as well as other crystals and using the included saw, the saw also capable of harvesting Crystal clear dust and pieces from the environment, so you the most out of your Crystal Sweeper collection.

Lego Crystal Sweeper

The lego Crystal Sweeper is a sensational surrogate to clean your construction site! It is new and factory sealed and makes an excellent addition to your collection, this Sweeper is best-in-the-class for cleaning the build section and will keep you from getting dirt, dust and other pollutants on your work area. The Sweeper is able to move quickly and easily across the surface of a work area, keeping you clean and protected, this power miners Crystal Sweeper is a brand new see pictures and description type power miners Crystal sweeper. It is a good with a cool lego logo, it is delivered with a packaging that looks like new. This Sweeper is excellent for your power miners needs, the Crystal Sweeper is a powerful lego power that helps clean up Crystal this is a powerful lego power miners Crystal sweeper. It can sweep up small pieces and dust for you, the Crystal is shiny and it provides a biz for on-body gentle sweeping. This Sweeper is in like manner paraben free and uncomplicated to operate.