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Craftsman Push Lawn Sweeper

The Craftsman Push Lawn Sweeper is a powerful tool that was used by farmers during the 1960 s to clean their lawns, this tool is still used today by farmers who ache to clean their lawns quickly and efficiently. This tool grants an 30-amp motor that can move a large area of Lawn with its non-stick cooking pan, this tool is again non-toxic and imparts a standard warranty.

Craftsman Push Lawn Sweeper Walmart

The Craftsman Push Lawn Sweeper is a first-rate tool for cleaning up your lawn, it effortless to adopt and imparts a strong suction cup to move the sand and fictionally. This tool is top-of-the-heap for admirers who desire to lawn, the Sweeper is basic to operate and it renders a thick burden plate that is designed to move the grass and dust. The Push Lawn Sweeper is additionally good for clearing away clumps of hair and dust, this Push Lawn Sweeper extends a sturdy design and is sensational for cleanings up to 10 yards. The Craftsman Push Lawn Sweeper is a practical tool for an admirer searching to clean their lawn, this Craftsman Push Lawn Sweeper is a fantastic addition to your Lawn care needs. It is fabricated out of old fashioned Craftsman plastic and extends a black hard coat of paint, the Push Lawn Sweeper is able to clean around corners and is manufactured to move slowly and ease itself into position. The Push Lawn Sweeper is available with an 14 inch arm or 18 inch arm.