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Blue Diamond Sweeper

This Blue Diamond Sweeper is a must-have for any Diamond professional! This tool can help you carry out your diamonds quickly and easily, the tool presents a variety of teeth that can sand and crumb drills picker vacuum cleaner sweeper.

Blue Diamond Sweeper Ebay

This mini is a top tool for picking up grimy diamonds from the ground, the tool also features an ability to crumb drill through most Diamond types. The vacuum cleaner part is for cleaning machines and is equipped with a named vacuum cleaner line that allows the Sweeper to reach any type of machine, this Blue Diamond Sweeper is a first-class tool for picking up beads and spa glass from your work area. The tool can also vacuum clean sweaters and other surfaces while the drill and picker make it facile to get the art to look good and feel good, the tool provides a mini drill picker and portable table cleaner Sweeper kits make it effortless to clean your salon's table. The Sweeper kits are also diy so you can get the job done quickly and easily, the Blue Diamond Sweeper is a powerful tool that can cleans beads and other jewelry while picking up dust and debris. The tool extends a hairdryer-like action and can clean jewelry in long fingers making it a first-rate tool for jewelers who have to clean their jewelry often.