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Agri Fab 52 Lawn Sweeper

The 52 Lawn Sweeper steel tow behind lg hopper is a garden tool that can remove debris from the ground, this tool is practical for use in newer or uncontrolled gardens, peerless for keeping you and your plants happy.

52 Lawn Sweeper

The agri-fab 45252 17-12 brush is a splendid fit for your specific Lawn Sweeper machines, this brush is manufactured of high-quality materials and is sure to keep your machines clean and hunting great. This brush is again fade-able so you can keep it clean and free from staining your lawn, the agri-fab Lawn Sweeper is a top substitute to keep your Lawn clean! It is small and basic to use, fit for specific Lawn sweepers. This Sweeper grants an 45252 17-12 brush which is specifically designed to clean specific 19532 an and 19572 a types of grass, this is a replacement brush for the agri-fab Lawn Sweeper 45-0546. This agri-fab 56" bristol sweeping brush is first-class for 52 Lawn sweepers, it provides an 17-12 bristling rate and is fitted with a fit for specific blade size.