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Adj Sweeper Beam Quad Led

The american dj Adj Sweeper Quad Beam is a splendid Led lighting Sweeper that can be carried anywhere, the Quad Beam style is uncomplicated to adopt and can be controlled with a variety of voltages and light levels. The light source is a bright blue Sweeper Beam that can reach up to 400 feet per second, with its effortless to adopt controls and bright Led lighting, this Sweeper is top-of-the-line for any store.

American Dj Sweeper Beam

The american dj Sweeper Beam is a Quad Beam Led light that can be used for cleaning areas that are sharp or dangerous, the light can be used with either one or two startling imparting components, making it an ideal alternative for structural cleaning or other hazardous areas. This american dj Adj Sweeper Quad Beam Led lighting swan flight case holds 2 hex, is a first rate addition to all home improvement or dj pro-branded Sweeper Beam home theater case. The Quad be Sweeper case is facile to operate and works with the american dj Adj Sweeper board to create Led lights, the case also includes a built in fan to cool down the case and interest your case. The american dj Adj Sweeper Quad Beam is a lead-free Quad Beam light that can be used for sweeping or as a suspect to search for prey, the Beam imparts a standard 2-position Led light control and a detachable red and green Led light emitting from the top and bottom of the beam, the light can be set to a white or red Led glow to create a professional look. The light can also be used as a search light with a light up Led light system, this case also includes a built-in strong-grip to the american dj Adj Sweeper Quad Beam is a Quad Beam Led light that is top for sweeping around a room. The light can be controlled with two wands, and renders a white light and red light for clear vision, the light is straightforward to set up and is first-class for keeping track of guests.